One bag of blood can bring back someone from the dead. Let's donate blood, Save life.


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Why BloodBD

"Blood" its a life saving element for those who in need. The objective of BloodBD is to make a easy communicating way between receiver and donors. BloodBD is a personalized social service platform.

Hassle Free

Usages of Bloodbd is hassle free. Its simple and user-friendly. Just a single tap to get your required blood by selecting blood group and location.

Always Free

BloodBD is a free social service platform. No one need to pay a single penny to use it. As usual blood donors can save his details for free and receiver can find or manage required blood group for free.

Best donor platform

Our blood donation platform stands as the finest choice, merging user-friendly technology with a profound mission. With a seamless interface and unwavering commitment to saving lives, we ensure your donation experience is both rewarding and impactful.


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Three million martyrs sacrificed their lives to secure the freedom of our country, while our heroes continue to save precious lives by donating their blood.

BloodDB is an innovative online platform that leverages technology and empathy to connect blood donors with recipients, ensuring a consistent and dependable supply of blood.

8 Blood Groups
76 Volunteer
64 Areas
1253 Donors

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Saluting our Latest Donor, whose selflessness shines brightly as a beacon of hope. Your recent contribution adds to the chain of kindness that sustains countless lives through the gift of blood.

The Blood Donation Process

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Featured Donor

Celebrate our Featured Donor, a beacon of compassion and generosity. Their commitment to saving lives through regular contributions inspires us all to make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

Our Community Partner

Our esteemed community partner plays a pivotal role in our blood donation platform, uniting with us to save lives and make a meaningful impact. Together, we work tirelessly to ensure a robust and sustainable supply of life-saving blood for those in need.

What Blood Donors say

Discover the heartwarming stories of our Blood Donors, as they share their journeys of making a difference. From fostering unity to leaving a positive impact, their experiences reflect the power of a single act of kindness through blood donation.

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